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Review of the teeth conditionfree
Review of the teeth condition with a treatment plan50 zł
RVG 35mm photo20 zł


Temporary dressing50 zł
Filling in a milk tooth100 zł
Light-curing fillingod 150 zł
Removal of tartar, fluoridation, hygienisation150 - 200 zł
Fluoridation50 zł
Tooth sealing50 zł
Whitening of a dead tooth200 zł
Overlay whitening800 zł
Whitening with the lamp on 1 visit900 zł
Relaxation rail 1 arch300 zł



Endodontic consultation (deducted from the cost of the visit)50 zł
Endodontic treatment of a milk tooth150 zł
Endodontic treatment of a 1-channel tooth500 zł
Endodontic treatment of a 2-channel tooth550 zł
Endodontic treatment of a 3-channel tooth600 zł
Endodontic treatment of a tooth with more channelsod 650 zł
Removal of a root-crown inlay from the toothod 150 zł
Closure of the canal perforation with MTA200 zł


Specialized consultation100 zł
An allergic test150 zł
Monoradicular tooth extraction150 - 200 zł
Multiradicular tooth extractionod 250 zł
Extraction of deeply broken root by alveoral drilling with drills and leversod 250 zł
Extraction of deeply broken root by alveoral drilling with panel shapingod 300 zł
Operational removal of third molar400 – 600 zł
Surgical removal of tooth bud from orthodontic indications - germectomy400 – 600 zł
Surgical removal of a retained tooth400 – 600 zł
Surgical unveiling of the tooth crown300 – 500 zł
Surgical wound supply (sewing)100 zł
Taking the sample without the costs of histopathological examination (+ histopathological examination)200(+50) zł
Removal of bumpsod 100 zł
Correction of the oral-sinus connectionod 400 zł
Incision of abscess100 zł
Bone smoothing - exostosisod 200 zł
Cutting the frenulum150 zł
Plastic surgery of the frenulum250 zł
Resection of a single-rooted tooth400 zł
+ backfill100 zł
Hemisection, bicuspidization, radectomy600 zł
Removal of salivary duct stone200 zł
Cystectomyod 400 zł
Plastic surgery of the oral vestibuleod 200 zł
Splinting of teeth (1 point)50 zł
GBR treatments (without material costs):
- one interdental space400 zł
- one interradicular space300 zł
- independent cavity in the interradicular spaceod 300 zł
Recession coverage (subepithelial transplant)od 1000 zł
Transplant of hard tissue3000 zł
Soft tissue transplantation (incl. recessions)od 1200 zł
Closed curettage 1 tooth50 zł
Open curettage 1 tooth200 zł


Porcelain crown on an alloy without nickel800 zł
All-ceramic crown CEREC system1200 zł
Cabinet temporary crown100 zł
Temporary laboratory crown150 zł
Composite veneer300 zł
All-ceramic veneer system CEREC1200 zł
Onlay /inlay - composite450 zł
Onlay /inlay - full-ceramic CEREC system800 zł
Complete acrylic denture (upper or lower)850 zł
Removing the old crown, cutting the bridge100 zł
Cementing the crown/inlay50 zł
Partial acrylic denture up to 3 teeth400 zł
Partial acrylic denture up to 6 teeth550 zł
Partial acrylic denture up to 6-10 teeth700 zł
Frame prosthesis (top or bottom)1600 zł
Frame prosthesis with latches2400 zł
Denture relining300 zł
Denture repairod 150 zł
Supplementing several teeth in the denture200-600 zł
Strengthening the prosthesis100 zł
Provisional rail with missing teeth supplementation450 zł
Prosthetic work at non-standard time+30% ceny
Fiberglass insert 1 channel100 zł
Fiberglass insert 2 channel150 zł
Individual metal insert 1 channel300 zł
Individual multichannel metal insert350 zł
Individual multichannel metal insert compound400 zł
Anker metal insert100 zł


Implant consultation (deducted from the cost of surgery)100 zł
Insertion of 1 implantod 3000 zł
Insertion of 1 miniimplantod 1500 zł
Bone tissue regeneration (without material price)od 600 zł
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinusod 2000 zł
All-ceramic crown for implant
CEREC system
25600 zł
Metal crown faced with porcelain screwed2000 zł
Metal crown faced with porcelain cemented2000 zł
Span in the bridge on implants (metal faced with porcelain)800 zł
Denture ALL IN FOUR17500 zł

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