The Dental-Perfect Center serves for 20 years. We managed to make our patients feel painless, safe and comfortable.

We provide professional service based on the knowledge and experience of medical staff, who carries out profession with great passion. The nice atmosphere in our center makes the visit to the dentist stress-free and pleasant.

Our priority is to achieve the best treatment results, and the greatest satisfaction for us is to see that every patient, regardless of their age, feels important and satisfied with our services.

We have our own prosthetic laboratory working on the latest generation equipment. This affects the quality of prosthetic work and significantly shortens the waiting time. In the field of orthodontics, we are one of the first to cooperate with 3D Smile, which performs orthodontic appliances in innovative 3D technology.

Visiting patients can count on our assistance in accommodation and in free time they can visit the city with all its charms.

You are more than welcome to come,

Dental-Perfect team!

Register for the visit

Registration 8:00 – 20:00

+48 505 250 150

+48 71 339 91 61

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